Project Firstline Mississippi 2023 Wrap-Up

Celebrating Infection Prevention at Project First Line

Reflecting on 2023

Throughout 2023, Project Firstline Mississippi focused and united its efforts to fortify infection control and bolster communities throughout Mississippi. This unrelenting dedication to patient safety had an extraordinary impact on countless lives. As we reflect on a successful 2023, we’d like to recognize the wealth of resources and training initiatives the Project Firstline Mississippi team shared this year to aid Mississippi healthcare workers. These tools have been pivotal in advancing our collective understanding and expertise in infection control. By equipping healthcare workers with essential education, information, and resources, we have empowered them to safeguard themselves and their patients. 

Training, Courses and Interactive Resources 

  • Draining Wound Mico-Learn Discussion Guide:

    This guide covers the management and care of draining wounds, providing insights into wound assessment, infection prevention, and effective treatment strategies. It includes interactive discussions and key learning points for healthcare professionals to enhance their understanding and handling of draining wounds. 

  • Diarrhea Micro-Learn Discussion Guide:

    Focusing on the causes, symptoms, and management of diarrhea, this guide offers comprehensive insights into assessing and treating this common condition. It delves into identifying potential complications, appropriate interventions, and preventive measures, serving as a valuable resource for healthcare practitioners. 

  • Blood Micro-Learn Discussion Guide:

    Addressing various aspects of blood-related conditions, this guide encompasses discussions on blood disorders, transfusions, and laboratory assessments. It explores diagnostic approaches, treatment modalities, and essential considerations for healthcare professionals dealing with blood-related issues. 

  • Rash Micro-Learn Discussion Guide:

    This guide centers on identifying, evaluating, and managing rashes across different age groups and causes. It provides a comprehensive overview of common skin conditions, differential diagnoses, and effective treatment options, facilitating informed decision-making for healthcare providers. 

  • Cough and Congestion Micro-Learn Discussion Guide:

    Focused on respiratory health, this guide explores the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of cough and congestion. It covers a spectrum of respiratory conditions, discusses evidence-based management strategies, and addresses crucial considerations for healthcare practitioners managing patients with these symptoms. 

Blog Posts

  • Antibiotic Awareness Week: Blog spotlighting the significance of appropriate antibiotic use, combating antimicrobial resistance, and promoting health equity for our communities. 
  • International Infection Prevention Week: A blog empowering frontline healthcare workers with essential infection control insights, emphasizing the importance of International Infection Prevention Week and advocating year-round dedication to fundamental infection prevention practices for a safer healthcare environment. 

Project Firstline Mississippi Heroes  

Project Firstline Heroes LogoIn addition to sharing vital tools and resources, Project Firstline Mississippi proudly recognized several exemplary Healthcare Heroes whose dedication to infection prevention and control was celebrated by their colleagues, patients and neighbors. Project Firstline Mississippi, in partnership with the Mississippi Public Health Institute and the Mississippi State Department of Health, introduced the Heroes program earlier this year after recognizing the significant number of healthcare practitioners who actively demonstrate the pillars of infection prevention. Since its inception and rollout, the program has celebrated 18 Heroes throughout the state. It has been a testament to the unwavering commitment of frontline workers who embody the essence of safety protocols and inspire their peers to follow suit. 

Nominated by their colleagues, these Healthcare Heroes go above and beyond, demonstrating a profound understanding of infection prevention’s core principles, safeguarding their patients, coworkers and themselves while also serving as beacons of inspiration in reducing the spread of infectious diseases. 

Their collective actions, ranging from ensuring diligent hand hygiene to advocating for proper disposal of medical waste, have illustrated the power of individual commitments, culminating in a larger movement for a healthier community. Click on the link below to see our 2023 Heroes.

Community Outreach 

Infection prevention outreachOur Project Firstline Heroes don’t stop at educating their colleagues and patients. They also educate their communities! Project Firstline Hero Daralynn Boudreaux engaged with Ocean Springs High School on October 30th, accompanied by fellow heroes Madelynn Finnie and Whitney Davis. These three inspiring figures shared their expertise with students in the school’s 2-year healthcare-focused program during the Infection Control Unit. Their impactful session provided invaluable insights, fostering inspiration and guidance for the aspiring healthcare professionals in attendance. This collaborative effort underscores a commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders in the healthcare field.  

Looking Ahead to 2024

As Project Firstline Mississippi reflects on the accomplishments of all the 2023 Heroes and the wealth of information, tools and resources shared, the organization is looking brightly ahead to the upcoming year. The impact of the organization’s efforts affects real, meaningful change throughout Mississippi, and the organization looks forward to leveraging its momentum in 2024.  

Nominate a Hero for 2024: 

Project Firstline Mississippi encourages everyone to recognize and nominate the unsung Healthcare Heroes in your workplace. Whether in a bustling hospital, a quiet clinic or any healthcare setting, their dedication to infection prevention deserves acknowledgment. By spotlighting these individuals, we collectively pave the way for a culture where every healthcare worker strives for excellence in safety protocols. 

Do you know someone making a significant difference in infection prevention and control? Nominate them for the Project Firstline Heroes program as we continue to celebrate those who embody the principles of safety and inspire others to do the same. 

For more information on how to nominate a healthcare hero or to learn about Project Firstline Mississippi, click on the link below or follow us on social media for updates. 

Project Firstline Heroes Logo

Do you know a healthcare worker in your community who inspires you to keep others safe from infection?

Here’s your chance to nominate them as a Project Firstline Hero!