Antibiotic Awareness Week

antibiotic awareness

Project Firstline Mississippi Observes U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week 

At Project Firstline Mississippi, we’re proud to stand with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in recognizing November 18 – 24 as U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week (USAAW). The purpose of USAAW is to raise awareness of the importance of appropriate antibiotic and antifungal use and the threat of antimicrobial resistance to ensure the well-being of our communities. 

The theme for this year’s USAAW, “Improve Antibiotic Use, Improve Health Equity,” resonates deeply with our mission at Project Firstline Mississippi. Health equity, meaning to ensure every individual has fair and equal opportunities to attain optimal health, lies at the core of our efforts. 

Why is antibiotic awareness important? 

Any time antibiotics or antifungals are used they can cause side effects and contribute to the development of antimicrobial resistance, one of the most urgent threats to the public’s health. In the United States alone, over 2.8 million antimicrobial-resistant infections occur each year, leading to more than 35,000 deaths. 

How can we make a difference? 

Preventing infections from happening in the first place is one of the best ways to improve antibiotic and antifungal use and protect populations who are disproportionately affected by antimicrobial resistance. CDC is working to optimize the way antibiotics are prescribed by engaging and educating healthcare providers on the appropriate antibiotic dose and duration when antibiotics are clinically indicated.  

As healthcare professionals, it is important to recognize the significance of appropriate antibiotic use. Ensuring antibiotics are prescribed only when clinically necessary, following established guidelines, and educating patients about the risks of unnecessary antibiotic use are essential in combating antimicrobial resistance. 

Join the fight against antimicrobial resistance: 

This year during U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week, we encourage everyone to participate in CDC’s “Go Purple for USAAW” campaign. Individuals, organizations, and communities can participate by wearing purple and illuminating buildings and landmarks with purple lights. Encourage others in your network to participate by highlighting USAAW on your website and sharing purple-themed pictures on social media using the hashtags #USAAW23 and #AntimicrobialResistance. 

Additionally, healthcare professionals can actively contribute by optimizing antibiotic prescriptions, educating patients about viral infections that don’t require antibiotics and encouraging proper healthcare-seeking behaviors.  

For helpful resources and more information, visit CDC’s USAAW webpage. Together, we can strive to improve antibiotic use, promote health equity, and protect our communities from the growing challenge of antimicrobial resistance.  

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