Hall of Heroes
"Wally is a top-line nurse. He is always on the lookout, ensuring that all safety measures are being followed. While doing so he still provides the best quality nursing care to all his patients. He is a true definition of what safe, clean, sterile, infection free looks like. Wally is such a motivation to his colleagues! He makes up games and challenges them to do the same."

Walter Babb


Registered Nurse
Endeavor Health/
Aurora Healthcare

"Hayley is a frontline hero. She works in the ICU caring for her patients and their families. She advocates for the patients to ensure they receive the best care possible. She worked through the pandemic, even sacrificing time with her family to help take care of others. She is also a mom who strives to teach her child about the importance of proper hygiene and cleaning up the world around us."

Hayley Miller


Staff Nurse
Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi

"Dee has been a nurse for over ten years. She an outstanding nurse in the hospital, but she’s a hero in the community. Any accident she sees, she stops. Any injury she sees, she stops and aids. She has helped in so many auto accidents and Injuries out in the community it’s unreal! She’s a hero. This is why I nominate her."

Dee Evans-Armond



"Tabathia has been a leader for our unit. She excels in focusing on patient safety. She was able to remove two catheters and a central line in one day! Tabathia is a great champion for infection prevention in our unit."

Tabathia Shackelford


Registered Nurse
North MS Medical Center

"I would like to nominate Brooke Papania, who leads our Microbiology Team. We could not treat patients effectively and stop the spread of infections without our Microbiology Lab Team. Brooke has served on our organization's Blood Culture contamination team and helped reduce our rate from 5% to 2%. She serves on many committees providing her expertise and helping develop many initiatives to reduce HAIs."

Brooke Papania


Microbiology Supervisor
Memorial Health Systems

"I would like to nominate our hospitals Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection (CLABSI) Champion and Team Leader, Whitney Sutton, for leading our healthcare systems reduction in Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections within the last year. Whitney displays strong communication skills, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about reducing CLABSI’s. She has led our CLABSI reduction initiatives by engaging our team and educating staff as well as communicating across all levels of leadership the importance of reducing healthcare-associated infections."

Whitney Sutton


ICU Manager
Memorial Health Systems

"Aga is always willing to support all clinicians in daily operations. She is a valuable team player who doesn’t mind playing."

Aga Young


Medical Assistant
Baptist Medical Groups

“Crystal is one of the hardest working housekeepers that we have at Tippah County Hospital and Tippah County Health Clinic. She takes care of us in the RHC. She makes sure we have everything we need for the day, she cleans very well, and she makes sure to use the cleaners that must be used in the RHC. Crystal is great. She goes over and beyond her normal job duties to make sure we have what we need all day and checks on us throughout the day. It is so nice to come in each morning to a clean clinic. Thank you, Crystal! We appreciate you!”

Crystal Florez


Tippah County Hospital

“I wanted to nominate Misty for the the award recognizing excellence in healthcare safety and hygiene practices. As an Advanced EMT, Misty goes above and beyond in prioritizing hand hygiene, using proper PPE, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and devices diligently, and disposing of medical waste appropriately. Not only does she excel in these areas herself, but she also goes out of her way to help and guide others in doing the same. Misty's dedication to maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for both patients and her colleagues is truly commendable. I believe she is a shining example of what it means to be a healthcare professional who consistently puts the well-being of others first.”

Misty Boyle


Advanced EMT
Lifecare Ambulance

"As an Advanced EMT, Devan consistently demonstrates a rigorous adherence to best practices that ensure the well-being of both patients and healthcare providers. He consistently utilizes proper PPE to minimize cross-contamination risks and safeguard against hazardous materials. Devan's unwavering commitment to upholding stringent safety measures not only reflects his professionalism but also underscores his genuine concern for the welfare of both patients and colleagues."

Devan Simpson


Advanced EMT
Lifecare Ambulance

“She is compassionate and always willing to help others. She has over 20 years in healthcare experience. She does good deeds without looking for recognition.”   

Melissa Campbell


Methodist Healthcare

“Brittany is one of the finest and most down-to-earth paramedics you will ever meet. She will make your worst day feel like the best! Not only does she go out of her way for her community and the people she serves, but for her coworkers and fellow first responders as well. She is one of the best paramedics and one of the best EMS instructors you will ever meet. Within my time of knowing Brittany, I have learned what it means to be in the EMS field and being in it for the right reasons. I have also learned what it means to be a part of a family that’s bigger than just blood, but a family that will always have your back.”

Brittany Wilkins



“The APIC Greater Jackson Chapter would like to recognize Erica Payne for her dedication and service to the Infection Prevention (IP) profession. Erica served as the 2023 Chapter President for the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) Greater Jackson Chapter 068. She has worked in infection prevention since 2010 and has been an active APIC member for 10 years. She has contributed much of her own time spearheading infection prevention initiatives and has been an invaluable resource and mentor for new and seasoned infection preventionists.” 

Erica Payne


Infection Preventionist  
University of Mississippi Medical Center

“ NP Wilkes has led and paved the way for many to be able to be successful. She is selfless and caring and will always make a way where there doesn’t seem to be one. NP Wilkes is pure of heart, and she is both blessed and a blessing to be able to work with. NP Wilkes is a hero.” 

Alisha Wilkes


Family Nurse Practitioner  
Sky Integrative Medical Center

“Kim used to work in housekeeping and was a key component in preventing the spread of infection. Her transition into Admissions has seen a positive effect on our business office staff. She is knowledgeable about PPE usage, cleaning & disinfection. She is consistent in hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting between patients, and cleaning equipment, such as wheelchairs, between patients. I've seen her influence her peers to do the same.”

Kimberly Peeples

Admissions Clerk
Tippah County Hospital

“Terry’s leadership, willingness to help others, ability to comfort her patients, positive attitude and her passion for training others is what makes her a Hero! Thank you for always going above and beyond for your patients, Terry!”

Terry Dorsey


Family Nurse Practitioner  
Indianola Family Medical Group

“Lesia Thomas has helped so many people in her community. She is a Project Firstline Hero because she is the doctor who sits and listens to you, and she really puts her heart and soul into what she does. If she can’t resolve your problems, she will do research and find someone who can. She’s a true definition of a heartfelt medical worker.”

Lesia Thomas


Family Nurse Practitioner  
Priority After Hours Clinic

“Dr. Donaldson has a passion for helping improve her community. Her heart is people and living healthy lives, which includes mentally, physically, and emotionally. She follows proper protocol to ensure that all that she encounters are taken care of with the utmost respect. She wears proper PPE, practices injection safety, cleans and disinfects surfaces and devices properly, disposes of waste material appropriately and helps others to do the same.”

Dr. Sheree Donaldson


Co-Owner, COO
Complete Care Solutions, PLLC

“ Her dedication to her patients and co-workers, her reliability and professionalism when it comes to infection control and safety, is what sets her apart. She always goes the extra mile for her patients.”

Ericka Smith


Nephrology & Hypertension

“She’s heaven-sent! The true definition of a person who’d do and give her all to her community and others. If she can provide a service, she does it without hesitation! She gives so much to help those in need with no second guessing! An angel sent from God! She teaches any healthy tips she knows, she ensures everybody's safety and cleanliness! Hand washing is taught as well as other protective measures to protect you from others if I’ll as well as others with you if you’re exposed.” 

Vanessa Haywood


Nurse Practitioner  
Quality Family Medical

“Nurse Washington goes above and beyond to take care of her patients and the community she lives in. She follows policies and procedures. She has a servant heart, is a good Samaritan, and helps when she is not at work. She is the Community Nurse.”

Stacy Washington


Clinical Nurse Supervisor  
Tunica County Health Care Authority

“Mrs. Collins is a native of Shaw, MS who moved back to her hometown during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to help fight against the virus. Since then, she has worked countless hours in her community promoting health and wellness. She continues to provide support education to all patients on infection control practices such as hand hygiene, ways to boost immunity, support of COVID/influenza vaccines, as well as other recommended vaccinations.” 

Tammarin Collins


Family Nurse Practitioner  
Maximum Care AH Clinic

"Dustin is such a team leader when it comes to maintaining a safe, clean, and calm environment. He is continually furthering his education in an effort to strengthen his ability to do more by all means possible, and he shows exceptional care to his patients when it comes to infection control."

Dustin Kelly


University of Mississippi Medical Center

“She is the best pharmacist!”

Jasmine Edwards


Pharmacy Manager

“Jessica is one of the smartest nurses I have had the privilege to work alongside. She is not only knowledgeable but also radiates the best energy. She always goes the extra mile with safety precautions and encourages coworkers to do the same.”

Jessica Adams



“Nora is always available to her patients for questions or concerns about lab work or medicines, and their possible side effects. She is very detail-oriented and researches to ensure that what she does is the absolute best for the patient! She follows guidelines set forth and doesn’t sway from what she knows or feels is correct.”

Nora Gough-Davis


Co-Founder/Executive Director  
Shaw Family Medical 

“Keyshaw goes above and beyond to make sure the hospital is as infection-free as possible. She is so deserving of this recognition.”

Keyshaw Taylor


Quality & Infection Control Director
Panola Medical Center, Batesville

“She can handle lots of little kids that are sick - or faking it - at one time! She is always making sure to use all the PPE that is needed and required. Every area is cleaned and items are disposed of properly. All this while more littles are coming in to see her.”

Robbye Reynolds


School Nurse
Rouse Elementary School

“Her name says it all! Kelly McClean is one infection-fighting queen. She is a great leader who puts patients/guests first and cares for everyone she encounters.” 

Kelly McClean

Environmental Services Manager
Ocean Springs Hospital

“Kristal is a passionate medical professional, always going above and beyond to give her patients the best care. As an Infection Preventionist, she exemplifies excellent infection prevention and control practices to keep her colleagues and patients safe and promotes proper techniques among her colleagues.”

Kristal Webster


Nurse and Infection Preventionist
Singing River Health System

"Chris is the epitome of patient safety and compassionate education. Every day, Chris meets with hospital guests and their families to review their medications. He thoughtfully explains what they are, how they work, and how to take them correctly - most notably, safely - to enhance their effectiveness and protect patients from adverse side effects."

Chris Ayers


Clinical Pharmacy Manager
Singing River Health System

"She is a caring and compassionate nurse, who goes above and beyond to make sure her patients begin the pre-operative process in a safe and infection-free environment."

Paulette Watts


Pre-Op RN

“OR NURSES rock! They do it all to keep you safe while you’re in the OR!” 

Sarah Compston


Southern Bone & Joint Specialists, P.A.

"She's the G.O.A.T.! As an Infection Preventionist, Cindy has 18 years of experience and has worked in numerous healthcare settings, providing infection control expertise as part of a large health system. She also served as the HAI/AR Program Coordinator for the MS State Department of Health."

Cindy Allard


Former Program Coordinator
Healthcare-Associated Infections and Antimicrobial Resistance Program

"Tiffany’s positive energy, attention to safe practices, and outstanding contributions, truly make a difference to her team and those she serves. Thank you for setting the bar high and inspiring us all, Tiffany!"

Tiffany Lott


Physical Therapist
Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System

“Cynthia demonstrates exceptional commitment to promoting a safe and healthy environment for all. She actively enhances the knowledge and skills of our team members, ensuring that everyone is well-equipped to fight against and prevent infections.” 

Cynthia Aycock


Infection Control Coordinator
Singing River Health System

"Whitney is the ultimate team player, especially when enhancing our team’s knowledge and ability to protect patients and ourselves against infection. She’s always willing to share insights to help us improve prevention practices - we’re lucky to have her on our winning team."

Whitney Davis


Infection Prevention Coordinator
Singing River Health System

"Madelynn's unwavering commitment to patient safety is nothing short of remarkable. Her extensive knowledge and approachability make her an invaluable asset to our team. We are grateful for her dedication in ensuring the safety of everyone."

Madelynn Finnie


Infection Prevention
Singing River Health System

Melinda Grub

Infection Preventionist II

Daralyn Boudreaux

Director Quality & Infection Prevention
Singing River Health System 

Sonya Barber

Director Accreditation, Safety & Education
Singing River Health System 
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Do you know a healthcare worker in your community who inspires you to keep others safe from infection?

Here’s your chance to nominate them as a Project Firstline Hero! 
Project Firstline Heroes Logo

Do you know a healthcare worker in your community who inspires you to keep others safe from infection?

Here’s your chance to nominate them as a Project Firstline Hero!